MBBS Admission in Russia - 2018

MBBS Admission in Russia - 2018

6 Years Course, English Medium Courses, WHO & MCI Recognized Colleges
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MBBS in BSMU, Ufa (Russia) - 2018

MBBS in BSMU, Ufa (Russia) - 2018

MBBS course in INR 12.67 Lac including hostel & medical insurance.
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MBBS in ISMA, Izhevsk (Russia) - 2018

MBBS in ISMA, Izhevsk (Russia) - 2018

MBBS course in INR 13.65 Lac including hostel & medical insurance.
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MBBS in ASMU, Barnaul (Russia) - 2018

MBBS in ASMU, Barnaul (Russia) - 2018

MBBS course in INR 13.97 Lac including hostel & medical insurance.
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MBBS in NSU, Novosibirsk (Russia) - 2018

MBBS in NSU, Novosibirsk (Russia) - 2018

MBBS course in INR 19.82 Lac including hostel & medical insurance.
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Study MBBS in Kursk State Medical University, Kursk (Russia) :

History of Kursk State Medical University :

  • History of Kursk State Medical UniversityIn year 1935, the the Kursk State Medical Institute was established.
  • In year 1941, during the time of World War II, the university faced disturbances and over 300 students and staff members had to be evacuated & were sent to Alma-Mater.
  • In year 1944, the evacuated people returned once peace was restored in region & the Kursk State Medical Institute witnessed the 1st graduates in year 1945.
  • From year 1960 on wards, the university started growing rapidly & pharmaceutical, preparatory, pedagogy & several new faculties were started .
  • In year 1980, a new building, sports hall, student hostels & Institute of Ecological medicine was also started.on the basis of Central Research Laboratory.
  • In year 1984, the Kursk State Medical Institute became higher medical education institute & finally in year 1994, the institute was the given the status of university & became the so called Kursk State Medical University.
  • In year 2004, the Kursk State Medical University was chosen among the hundred universities of Russia to compete for the best 5 universities race.

History of Kursk :

History of KurskThe 1st written record of Kursk dates back to year 1032. The city of Kursk was later raided by Polovtsians in 12th & 13th century and the city was then rebuilt after year 1283. The city was then ruled by Grand Duchy of Lithuania from year 1360 to year 1508. The city joined the Russian state in year 1508 and became it’s southern border province. It soon became an important hub for trade with Ukraine & started hosting a fair which was held annually under the walls of Our Lady of Kursk monastery. In the beginning of 17th century, the city re-attacked by Polish-Lithuania, Nogai Horde & Crimean Tatars, but nobody was able to win the Kursk fortress.  After a major fire incident in year 1781, a new plan for development of city was laid which included the formation of Red Square followed by formation of a church, school, gymnasium, seminary, etc. During the World War II, the city of Kursk was occupied by Germany from year 1941 till year 1943. A village named Prokhorovka situated near Kursk was the center of battle between Russian & German forces. It is believed that this place witnessed the largest tank battle in history & also was the last attempt of Germans against Russia. After the war reconstruction was soon started and the city recovered soon. By year 1950 the economy of city was completely restored. Till year 2010, Kursk had the status of a historical settlement but the Russian Ministry of Culture deprived the city of its status in year 2010. In year 2012, Kursk celebrated its 980th anniversary.

About Kursk State Medical University :

About Kursk State Medical UniversityThe Kursk State Medical University was established in year 1935 and currently has over 6,500 students with a teaching staff of 650 teachers, academicians, professors, lecturers & researchers.  The university is recognized by WHO (World Health Organization), MCI (Medical Council of India), GMC & other renowned international boards of medical education. Kursk State Medical University is one of the largest medical university in Russia & Europe and is also among the top 10 medical universities of Russia.  The university is also the 1st university of Russia to start training of MBBS in Russia in full English medium.

The university has a research institute of ecological medicine & a diagnostics polyclinic along with a medical institute. Kursk State Medical University has trained more than 25,000 students in 14 different faculties and the number continues to grow till date.Among the teaching staff of 650 teachers, there are 333 Ph.D’s & 92 D.Sc’s too who are involved in the training of international students from different countries of the world. The university has a huge collection of over 5,00,000 books, publications, journals related to medical field. Kursk State Medical University has 4 main buildings and 5 student halls of residence. In addition to above the university also has 3 sports halls & a shooting range where students can spend their time for recreation & sports.

The faculty of international students at Kursk State Medical university was established in year 1991 and the courses for foreign students were started in general medicine, pharmacy, dentistry & social work faculties. Since then the university has trained more than 1,000 students who later cleared their countries qualification exam and today work in different specialties. The university has 1,000 students from foreign countries studying currently with majority of them being from India for MBBS in Kursk. The training for MBBS in Kursk State Medical University is carried in 57 departments of university during their tenure of 6 years course.  The universities provides undergraduate courses in 36 specialties, internship in 32 specialties and post graduate courses in 51 specialties.

Faculties at Kursk State Medical University :

The Kursk State Medical University provides education in all fields of medicine in Russian as well as English medium for international students. The courses in English medium started from year 1991 which does not require the language course training of foreign students before starting MBBS in Kursk. At present, the operational faculties of Kursk State Medical University are as mentioned below :

  • Faculties at Kursk State Medical UniversityFaculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Medical Prophylaxis
  • Faculty of Paediatrics
  • Faculty of Nursing
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Biotechnology
  • Faculty of Clinical Psychology
  • Faculty of Health Management
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Vocational Education
  • Faculty of Post Graduate Education

The course of MBBS in English at Kursk State Medical university is considered one of the best for international students as this was the 1st university in whole Russia to start a full fledged English medium course in medicine. The university has 2 sessions for intake of students i.e. September & February session. The faculty of medicine of university witnesses most number of admissions each year for MBBS in Kursk among all international students. The students can choose to study post graduation too in any specialty for a duration of 2 years after completion of MBBS from Kursk State Medical University. The students get the opportunity to practice in different hospitals of city during their clinical rotation classes after 3rd year as the 1st 3 years of course are more inclined towards theoretical knowledge.

Students Life at Kursk State Medical University :

Students Life at Kursk State Medical UniversityKursk State Medical University provides are very peaceful & competitive environment for the benefit of students. The students get to meet people from different countries which helps them to develop & enhance their personality too. With over 1,000 international students in university the students experience a multi cultural environment where they meet new people, learn new cultures & skills. The university campus has something to offer for everyone with recreation facilities ranging from arts, sports, social to intellectual pursuits. The students in Kursk get the opportunity to visit the historic monuments & attractions which tell a lot about the history & culture of Russia.

Kursk State Medical University has government hostels for international students from different countries. The hostels are situated close to the main campus building of university. The hostels have separate blocks for boys & girls on different floors of building. Each floor of hostel has common washrooms & toilets on each end of floor. Common kitchens are provided on each floors with burners & ovens for cooking. The kitchens are open throughout the day and students can prepare food anytime. The student rooms are available on sharing basis of 2 or 3 seater and have study table & chair, wardrobe, beds, beddings, radiators, etc. already installed. The hostel premises have security available round the clock and entry & exit time from hostel is fixed.

The city of Kursk is one of the ancient cities of Russia with a warm & welcoming population. The city is situated in the center of the European part of Russia and is full of rivers & forests where students can spend quality time and relax during vacations with friends. Water sports & fishing is very common in the rivers of Kursk viz. River Seim, River Tuskar, and River Syol. The students can visit the famous “Pushkin Theatre” in the city which always has visitors from different cities of Russia round the year. The city is also full of modern malls, clubs, restaurants, marketing areas, etc. where can students can go anytime for entertainment by taking a walk down the street. The city of Kursk always leaves an unforgettable impression on the foreigners with the warm & delightful experience it provides to them.

Kursk State Medical University FeesKursk State Medical University Fees 2018 :

  • 1st Year Fee : USD 6,200 (INR 4,03,000)
  • 2nd – 6th Year Fee : USD 6,200 (INR 4,03,000)
  • Total Fees : USD 37,200 (INR 24,18,000)

* Yearly fee includes tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee.
* 1 USD equals to INR 65 used at the time of fees calculation & is subject to variation as per currency rates.
* Fees can be revised by university anytime with or without prior notification.