MBBS Admission in Russia - 2018

MBBS Admission in Russia - 2018

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MBBS in BSMU, Ufa (Russia) - 2018

MBBS in BSMU, Ufa (Russia) - 2018

MBBS course in INR 12.67 Lac including hostel & medical insurance.
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MBBS in ISMA, Izhevsk (Russia) - 2018

MBBS in ISMA, Izhevsk (Russia) - 2018

MBBS course in INR 13.65 Lac including hostel & medical insurance.
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MBBS in ASMU, Barnaul (Russia) - 2018

MBBS in ASMU, Barnaul (Russia) - 2018

MBBS course in INR 13.97 Lac including hostel & medical insurance.
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MBBS in NSU, Novosibirsk (Russia) - 2018

MBBS in NSU, Novosibirsk (Russia) - 2018

MBBS course in INR 19.82 Lac including hostel & medical insurance.
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Study MBBS in Kazan State Medical University, Kazan (Russia) :

History of Kazan State Medical University :

  • History of Kazan State Medical universityIn year 1804, the 1st  initiative in the establishment of Kazan State Medical University when the Emperor Alexander I ordered his royal command to do so with the name Kazan Emperor University.
  • In year 1814, the faculty of medicine was started in university.
  • In year 1837, the anatomy building was built for university whose architecture was inspired from anatomy buildings of Italy and was inaugurated by Nikolai Lobachevsky i.e the rector of Kazan Emperor University.
  • In year 1930, the medical faculty of university was reformed into Kazan Medical Institute.
  • In year 1994, the institute of medicine was given the status of Kazan State Medical University & since then it has been gaining popularity with this name in Russia & globally.

History of Kazan :

History of Kazan

Kazan had become the center of Tatar culture in the 1990’s with the dissolution of USSR. At this time Kazan became one of the important centers of Russia with return of capitalism in Russian Federation. The city rapidly jumped to the 6th spot among the most populated cities in Russia from 10th spot. During the time of millennium celebrations in year 2005, several developments were celebrated in the city like “Qol-Sharif” the largest mosque in Russia which was inaugurated in the “Kazan Kremlin“, the return of the holiest copy of “Our Lady of Kazan“, the inauguration of the “Millennium Bridge” and many more small developments. With the growing popularity of city since the new millennium, the city also hosted the “2013 Summer Universiade” and will soon the hosting the “2018 FIFA World Cup”.

About Kazan State Medical University :

Kazan State Medical University is primarily based in the capital city of Tatarstan state i.e. Kazan and comprises of 9 faculties. The university is a multi-leveled & multi-functional state body of higher education in medicine. The university meets social & personal needs of students in developing clinical and biomedical sciences, acquiring education in medicine and broadening scientific knowledge. Kazan State Medical University belongs to the system of system of higher education and scientific research of the ministry of health of Russia and functions entirely on self governance. About Kazan State Medical UniversityThe academic council of KSMU is the highest body in self governance.

The rights to perform actions in professional education was granted to the university with license number 16 G – 235 in year 1994 by the state committee of Russian Federation of higher education. A pharmaceutical college and 2 medical colleges (Including medical college of Mary El Republic state) work under the license of Kazan State Medical University for secondary school. The university is always working hard in preparation of experts in various fields of medicine for 10 republics of Russia as well as Ural region. Founded in year 1814, Kazan State Medical University was the 2nd university in Kazan (1st being Kazan Federal University founded in year 1804) and the 3rd medical institution in whole Russia.

The main campus of Kazan State Medical University is located in the central part of Kazan on “Butlerova Street” and has several other department buildings spread throughout the city of Kazan. The main campus has museums, libraries and departments of foreign languages, philosophy, history, Sociology & political science, genetics & medical biology, organization of healthcare & public health, social work & economical theory, general & organics chemistry, microbiology and pathological physiology. The departments of anatomy, histology & physiology are located on the “Universitetskaya Street”. KSMU is surrounded by many other renowned educational institutions viz. Lobachevsky library, Kazan State Technical University, Kazan Federal University & Tatar State University of Humanities & Education.

Faculties at Kazan State Medical University :

Kazan State Medical University FacultiesThe faculties for graduation courses at Kazan State Medical University are as below :

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Paediatrics
  • Faculty of Preventive Medicine
  • Faculty of Nursing

Post graduate courses are also available for students in all major specialties. The courses of general medicine, dentistry & pharmacy very extensive and always updated in line with the global requirements. Latin language is extensively used in naming of diseases, anatomical parts, etc. according to the international nomenclature standards. Every subject is taught in a very organized way at Kazan State Medical University, beginning from epidemiology, pathogenesis, pathological physiology, pathological morphology, clinical picture, methods of laboratory to instrumental examination of patient, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, complications, prognosis, treatments & its prevention.

The course of general medicine i.e. MD Physician (aka. MBBS) in Kazan State Medical University is planned in 2 phases i.e. during the first 3 years of course more emphasis is given to theoretical knowledge and subjects and the last 3 years are dedicated to practical skills involving hospital visits and interaction with local patients. The teaching process includes lectures, classes, clinical duties, lab exams, etc. The foundation of MBBS course in Kazan State Medical University has been laid in say way that the students get equal theoretical knowledge as well as acquire clinical skills.

Students Life at Kazan State Medical University :

Kazan State Medical University HostelThe students in Kazan State Medical University are provided government hostels for accommodation. The university has 2 of its all hostels solely for foreign student i.e. Hostel No. 3 & Hostel No. 5 in the center of Kazan city. Apart from the university hostels, private accommodation is also available in the the form of shared hostel, flats, cottage, etc. as per the requirement of students on paid basis. All accommodations are provided with basic amenities like hot & cold water, 24 hours electricity, cooking gas, 24 hours security staff, fire alarm system and a warden to manage the premises.

Students at Kazan State Medical University have the option to choose among 2 or 3 seater rooms in hostel. All rooms are equipped with beds, mattresses, bedding, wardrobe, study table, study chair & central heating systems. The hostels have common places on each floor for washroom, toilets, laundry & kitchens with most modern facilities. The hostel has CCTV surveillance systems installed at all important places to keep an eye on students within hostel as well as outside hostel.

The university encourages students to take part in various programs carried out by university during the whole year & mostly during vacations like outdoor games, indoor games, student clubs, competitions, etc. The university organizes a “Medic” camp during the summer vacations each year for students to explore & relax in the woods on the bank of river Volga. Students who are good in some sports can also take part in yearly football, tennis, basketball, swimming, skiing & other sports organized in the city. In addition to all above, the city of Kazan in itself is a very large & interesting city and most students simply choose to travel to different places of this modern city whenever they get time to know more about this city and it’s rich culture.

Kazan State Medical University FeesKazan State Medical University Fees 2018 :

  • 1st Year Fee : USD 6,800 (INR 4,42,000)
  • 2nd – 6th Year Fee : USD 5,800 (INR 3,77,000)
  • Total Fees : USD 35,800 (INR 23,27,000)

* Yearly fee includes tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee.
* 1 USD equals to INR 65 used at the time of fees calculation & is subject to variation as per currency rates.
* Fees can be revised by university anytime with or without prior notification.