MBBS Admission in Russia - 2018

MBBS Admission in Russia - 2018

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MBBS in BSMU, Ufa (Russia) - 2018

MBBS in BSMU, Ufa (Russia) - 2018

MBBS course in INR 12.67 Lac including hostel & medical insurance.
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MBBS in ISMA, Izhevsk (Russia) - 2018

MBBS in ISMA, Izhevsk (Russia) - 2018

MBBS course in INR 13.65 Lac including hostel & medical insurance.
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MBBS in ASMU, Barnaul (Russia) - 2018

MBBS in ASMU, Barnaul (Russia) - 2018

MBBS course in INR 13.97 Lac including hostel & medical insurance.
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MBBS in NSU, Novosibirsk (Russia) - 2018

MBBS in NSU, Novosibirsk (Russia) - 2018

MBBS course in INR 19.82 Lac including hostel & medical insurance.
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Study MBBS in Kazan Federal University, Kazan (Russia) :

History of Kazan Federal University :

  • History of Kazan Federal UniversityIn year 1804, the Kazan Imperial University was founded when the emperor Alexander I passed the affirmative letter & charter for creation of the university. It is the 2nd oldest university of Russia.
  • In year 1814, it was fully operational with 4 departments viz. political sciences, physical & mathematical sciences, philology & medical sciences. Till the time Tomsk University was found founded, Kazan University was the eastern most university of Russia & served the regions of Siberia, Volga, Ural, Caucasus & Kama.
  • In year 1825, the main building of the Kazan University was built & by year 1830 the main campus of university was ready.
  • In year 1925, the university was renamed to V. I. Ulyanov-Lenin Kazan State University after the the most famous student from this university Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (aka. Lenin).
  • In year 2009, the president Dmitriy Medvedev passed an order for the establishment of Volga Federal University with accession of Tatar State University of Humanities & Education, Kazan State Finance & Economics Institute, Elabuga State Pedagogical University & Naberezhnye Chelny Academy of Engineering & Economy.
  • In year 2010, the Kazan University acquired the federal status and was renamed to Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University and is known by this name till date.
  • In year 2013, the Kazan Federal University was selected in the 15 universities of Russia to participate in the top 5-100 program by Russian Academic Excellence Project & government of the Russian Federation which is aimed to improve their international competitiveness among the world’s leading research and educational centers.

History of Kazan :

Kazan had become the center of Tatar culture in the 1990’s with the dissolution of USSR. At this time Kazan became one of the important centers of Russia with return of capitalism in Russian Federation. The city rapidly jumped to the 6th spot among the most populated cities in Russia from 10th spot. During the time of millennium celebrations in year 2005, several developments were celebrated in the city like “Qol-Sharif” the largest mosque in Russia which was inaugurated in the “Kazan Kremlin”, the return of the holiest copy of “Our Lady of Kazan”, the inauguration of the “Millennium Bridge” and many more small developments. With the growing popularity of city since the new millennium, the city also hosted the “2013 Summer Universiade” and will soon the hosting the “2018 FIFA World Cup”.

About Kazan Federal University :

The Kazan Federal University aka. KFU comprises of more than 15 institutes, 3 higher schools, faculty of law & 2 regional branches i.e. Naberezhnye & Elabuga. The university has provided undergraduate & post-graduate education to more than 70,000 students in 479 degree programs including 85 doctoral 8 double degree programs in collaboration with partner universities. The university has very much involvement in research work especially in bio-medicine, pharmaceutics, oil extraction, oil refining, petro-chemistry, aerospace technologies, informational communication, advanced materials & social sciences including humanities.

About Kazan Federal UniversityThe Kazan Federal University takes immense pride in being a stepping stone in the creation of world famous researchers & discoverers like Nikolai Lobachevsky who created non-euclidean geometry, Karl Klauss who discovered chemical element Ruthenium, Alexander Butlerov who explained the theory of chemical structure of organic compounds, Yevgeny Zavoisky who discovered the electron para-magnetic resonance, Semen Altshuler who discovered acoustic para-magnetic resonance, Alexander & Boris Arbuzovs who explained the development of organo-phosphorus chemical compounds & many others. Some of the world famous people have been outstanding scholars & alumini of this university are Leo Tolstoy, Vladimir Lenin, Sergei Aksanov, Pavel Melnikov-Pechersky, Velimir Khlebnikov, Mily Balakirev, Valery Yakobi and several others.

The main campus of Kazan Federal University is located on “Kremlyovskaya Street” which is just a bus stop away from the campus of Kazan State Medical University and also at a walking distance of 5-10 minutes from the famous “Kazan Kremlin“. The main building was designed by the famous architect Petr Pyatnitsky in the year 1820 & the 3 classic portals along the white front of university today have remained same since that time.  KFU dormitory in the “Universiade Village” which was built to accommodate participants of 27th “World Summer Universiade 2013“. The hostel facilities of KFU are one of the best provided by any university in Russia. The area of campus is like a mini district with about 12,000 people and all basic amenities like cyber cafe, sports shop, medical shop, laundry, beauty salon, cafeteria, etc. The campus was also awarded for the special contribution to significant infrastructure creation for youth & sports development at the world contest “FIABCI Prix D’Excellence”. The campus of Kazan Federal University is also spread in other cities of Tatarstan, Mari El, Samara & Karachay-Cherkessia.

Faculties at Kazan Federal University :

Kazan Federal University follows the classical model of education where prime importance is given to synthesis of research & education. The university offers medical program i.e. MBBS at undergraduate, post graduate & further higher levels in all specialties of medicine. The university functions at various levels which begin from institute and further down to divisions, departments, laboratories, research, training, educational centers and other auxiliary units. The unmatched high reputation of Kazan Federal University attracts from all over the world each year including countries like US, UK, Germany, Australia, Italy, China, Spain & other Asian countries. The university consists of the following institutes which have various faculties under them :

Each year hundreds of students from different countries around the world apply for MBBS admission in Kazan & the eligible candidates are enrolled in the institute of biology & medicine for undergraduate & post-graduate course. The MBBS course in Kazan Federal University is in English medium too apart from the general Russia medium, with specially trained teachers & professors to teach foreign students in English medium. Equal importance is given to theoretical & practical skills of each student & individual attention is paid to them during the whole duration of their MBBS course in Kazan Federal University.

Students Life at Kazan Federal University :

Kazan Federal University HostelKazan Federal University offers various options for accommodation of foreign students. Students can either choose to stay in the old hostel dormitory which is cheaper as compared to the new dormitories located in the “Universiade Village“. Almost all students choose to stay in the new dormitories as the facilities are much better with all modern & futuristic facilities. Rarely students choose to stay in separate apartments outside the campus area which is either due to some member of family staying with him / her or due to their personal reasons. Before the entry of students in “Universiade Village“, they are required to go through a complete medical health check-up to ensure that their is no spread of disease among students.

The campus is located on “Pobedy Prospekt” and bordered by “Orenburgsky Trakt”. Trolley buses & other modes of transport are easily available just from the exit of campus. Generally, students don’t need to exit the campus as all the necessary facilities are located within the campus like supermarket, salon, bank, post office, clothing shop, cafe, canteen, studio, student clinic, driving school & a museum too. The new dormitories i.e. in the “Universiade Village” have 2 & 3 seater rooms with personal kitchen space, shower, toilet & basic furniture required for a student along with wardrobe. The interior design of all rooms is same is exactly same in all buildings. The rooms are equipped with air conditioners, smoke detectors, fridge, oven & radio transmitters for emergency alerts.

The atmosphere within the “Universiade Village” of Kazan Federal University is simply unique & comfortable for students & it a often called as a “city within a city”. The grounds area is kept highly neat & well maintained with strict standards. Students from different countries live here and feel at ease in communicating with each other. The whole campus alone comprises of 20 buildings all dedicated for students from around the world and hence has high security with no one being allowed to enter without prior registration & identification by security officials.

Kazan Federal University FeesKazan Federal University Fees 2018 :

  • 1st Year Fee : USD 8,000 (INR 5,20,000)
  • 2nd – 6th Year Fee : USD 6,250 (INR 4,06,500)
  • Total Fees : USD 39,250 (INR 25,51,250)

* Yearly fee includes tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee.
* 1 USD equals to INR 65 used at the time of fees calculation & is subject to variation as per currency rates.
* Fees can be revised by university anytime with or without prior notification.